About us

The International Department is a division of PSTGU, responsible for formulating and implementing strategies for the university’s international activities, developing academic contacts with theological and secular educational institutions abroad, organizing teacher and student exchanges and internships, and other multilateral and bilateral activities in the field of international cooperation.

The international office’s principle tasks are:

  • Developing contacts with foreign universities
  • Drawing leading foreign scholars to give lectures and participate in conferences and seminars held by the university
  • Organizing lectures for PSTGU faculty abroad
  • Student exchanges
  • Developing cooperation agreements between PSTGU and universities and non-academic organizations in other countries
  • Organizational support for the university’s international collaborations

One of the office’s most important areas of focus is receiving and registering foreign citizens, and providing them with visa support. In this section, foreign applicants and students of the university will find answers to a number of questions on the rules of migration registration in the Russian Federation, and on applying for and registering visas at your place of stay.