Exchange students

In the last few years St. Tikhon´s university opened several exchange programs with foreign universities. Through these programs you can come and study at St. Tikhon´s for one semester or more.

Documents you need to become a St. Tikhon´s Exchange Student:

  1. Official letter from your home university
  2. International Student´s Application Form  AF
  3. Learning Agreement LA    
  4. Scanned copy of passport (first page)  and Russian visas
  5. Application for the official invitation from St. Tikhon´s University (for the Russian visa) VIZA

The package should be received by the International Relations Office within the following deadlines:

01 May (for the Fall semester),
01 October (for the Spring semester).

Documents 1-5 should be sent to the International Relations Office via e-mail gualtieri.t@pstgu.ru

(items 1-4 in PDF, item 5 in MS Word).