Free mover program

Saint Tikhon’s Orthodox University offers the opportunity to all foreign students who are not currently candidates for an exchange program to study for a fee at our university, for a minimum of one semester.
Based on the needs and the wishes of the student, a special program can be created which will provide the opportunity to attend, in addition to the courses required for all students, individual courses that take into account the difficulties inherent in learning the Russian language.
The cost of this program will be established according to the number of hours of study required by the student and according to the type of courses (group or individual).
Interested students can write to Tiziana Gualtieri, by sending a written request together with the following documents:

1. Application form  AF;
2. Scanned first page of the passport;
3. Application for the official invitation from St. Tikhon´s University (for the Russian visa) VIZA.

After your application is considered, you will be informed about further actions.