Tatiana Salzman, Dean of the STOUH's Faculty of Social Work, Presents at International Conference in Nuremberg

On March 27-128, 2019, Tatiana V. Salzman, Head of the Department of Social and Youth Work, together with third-year student Vladimir Emelyanov, attended an international conference in Nuremberg on “Trends of Internationalization in the Digital Age of Education: Research, Theory, and Practice”.

 Tatiana Salzman gave a talk on “The Promotion of Church Social Projects in the Internet Sphere”. In her talk, Ms. Salzman went through the changes that have taken place over the past 20 years in terms of how 2the social work of the Church has been publicized in the World Wide Web, as well as about specific effective forms of publicity, as exemplified by the sites Miloserdie.ru and “Diaconia.ru”.

At the end of her talk, an English-language video clip, put together by the Synodal Department for Charitable Works and Social Service, was presented, along with two other clips produced by fourth-year student Stepan Yanin, about the Department of Social and Youth Work and about students' social and missionary work placements in Psychiatric Hospital No. 11.

The conference3 was attended by professors and university teachers in the area of social work from German, Polish, American, Brazilian, Indian, Finnish, and Austrian universities. Talks were given on the specifics of distance organization of work in India, college students' participation in social-work projects in Bolivia, India, and America, trends in civic education, and so forth. Over the course of two days, the attendees shared their experience in organizing social work with different population groups. In discussions with the organizers and other attendees, possibilities for future collaboration were noted.

We would like to thank the organizers of the conference for the invitation and warm reception that they gave us.