New Book on The World of Saint Columba Launched at Saint Tikhon's University

On imageApril 9, 2019, the Medieval Studies Seminar at the Faculty of Romance Languages and Linguistics at Saint Tikhon's Orthodox University of the Humanities met for one of its regular sessions. The seminar was attended by Dr. Nina Iureva Zhivlova (Moscow State University), an expert on the history and language of early medieval Ireland. 

4Dr. Zhivlova presented her book The World of Saint Columba: Early Medieval and Ireland in the Eyes of the Monks of Iona, which was just released by the Slavic Languages and Cultures Publishing House with support from the Russian Foundation for Basic Research. In the book, the author has not only published the Vita Sancti Columbae, which she had translated several years previously and which was composed by Abbot St. Adomnan, the ninth rector of the monastery founded by Saint Columba in Iona: she has also written a substantial historical introduction to it and enriched the vita with major supplements that illustrate the context of the events described in it.

These include a1 large fragment (covering 150 years) of the Annals of Ulster, which were written on Iona, two brief lives of Saints Baithene and Adomnan, valuable genealogical tables, and even a fold-out map showing the túatha (tribal units) of North-eastern Ireland, where Saint Columba was born. Saint Columba's origins in belonging to the kingly line of the Ui Neills (as did his relative Abbot Adomnan) played an important role in his life, and Dr. Zhivlova pays serious attention to the ascetic's biography.

3 In short, this edition is certain to be one of the most important in the field of contemporary Russian publications on medieval hagiography.