STOUH Students and Teachers at International Conference on Religion and Communication

3From April 18-20, 2019, an international applied academic conference on Religion and Communication took place at Belarus State University.

2The event was held with support from a whole array of educational and specialist organizations, including the Saints Cyril and Methodius Christian Educational Center (Belarus), the Department of Apologetics at Minsk Theological Academy, the Faculties of Philosophy and Religious Studies at the Faculty of Theology at Saint Tikhon's University of the Humanities (STOUH), the Russian Society for Religious Studies, and the Religious Life information portal.

There is a 10-year history of such religious studies conferences being held in Minsk. The main question around which the conference sessions and roundtables were structured in this (anniversary) year was as follows: How are forms of religious communication and meaning woven into the texture of modernity, and how do they harmonize with it and come to refer to it?

 The confercopertina libro simposio singolaence took place in the form of six sessions and four roundtables. STOUH students and teachers Konstantin Antonov, Tatiana Folieva, Fr. Alexei Cherny, Ksenia Kolkunova, Polina Vrublevskaya, Elena Prutskova, Elena Melkumyan, Nadezhda Korneva, Daria Chentsova, and Ekaterina Korshikova took part in sessions on philosophy, psychology, anthropology, phenomenology and sociology of religion, and methodology of religious studies, as well as in roundtables on “The Communicative Potential of Cinematography for Religion and Visuality in Religious Communication”, “Religion and Fashion: Clothing as a Symbolic Code of Rules, Customs, and Rituals”, and “Prayer in the Context of Religious Communication” (full program available here on the conference Web site (in Russian). Konstantin Antonov and Tatiana Folieva also moderated a range of events and were co-organizers of the conference as a whole.