Book Launch: “Hypostasis, Person, and Personality”

On May 158f4bc0dd599fe479abf81ba607dc2417, the presentation of the book Hypostasis, Person, and Personality (“Ipostas', Litso, Lichnost”) by the Italian theologian Andrea Milano took place at Saint Tikhon's Orthodox University. The book is a translation of the work Persona in teologia. Alle origini del significato di persona nel cristianesimo antico, which was published in Italy in three different editions (1984, 1996, 2017) and has now been made available to the Russian reader.

The author is Ordinary Professor of the Depatment of Church History and the History of Christianity at the University of Naples Federico II, the Editor-in-Chief of the journal Filosofia e teologia, one of the ff04e954db1c8887160921bc0265a88e2ounding members of the committee of the Society for Theological Research, and a member of the  Academia Pontaniana in Naples.

A discu695fbd02b5b7ce8f0e8569d61cf193a6ssion that took place during the book launch event saw the participation of the author, the translations of the book, its main editor, and experts from Saint Tikhon's University in Church History, Patristics, Ecclesiastical Education, and relations among the Christian Churches in the modern world.