Archpriest Konstantin Gipp: “Truly Reliable Scientific Results Cannot be at Odds with the Fundamental Tenets of the Christian Faith”


Starting in this year, a new distance-learning program, the BA in Religious Studies, will be inaugurated at the Faculty of Theology of Saint Tikhon's Orthodox University of the Humanities (STOUH).

7192db26e07d1d53e4135f866e4922fd previewFor a long time, Religious Studies has existed in two different faculties at STOUH. In the Faculty of Mission Studies, it has had more of an apologetic focus. In the Department of the Philosophy of Religion and Religious Aspects of Culture, it has been defined by a more academic approach. Since everything is now being brought together into one department, there are plans to borrow what is best from both approaches. This is all the more so given that this course is intended as a specialization for students in their final years of study, including in the area of Mission Studies.

In the opinion48d52478528fc9d55b0b641387dd6aa9 preview of the head of the program, Archpriest Konstantin Gipp, “The two approaches must co-exist, but it is up to those in charge of the Department to figure out how precisely this is to happen.”