STOUH Associate Professor Irina Melentieva Attends International Shmelyov Readings

image5WEJR3J2On October 7-8, 2019, a conference on “The Artistic World of Ivan Shmelyov” took place at the Maxim Gorkiy Institute of World Literature. It was attended by 40 researchers from Russia, the Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Italy, and China. Saint Tikhon's Orthodox University of the Humanities (STOUH) was represented by Associate Professor Irina Evgenievna Melentieva of the Department of the History and Theory of Literature of the Faculty of Philology.

The forum consisted of three sections: “The Works of Ivan Shmelyov in the Context of Russian Literature”, “Biography of a Century and a Man”, and “The Artistic World of the Prose of Ivan Shmelyov”. Apart from the sessions featuring academic talks, there were also presentations of new books about the author and screenings of films about Shmelyov.

Professor Irina Melentieva gave a talk on “Embroidery Hoops, Needlework, and the Needlework Girl in Shmelyov's Novel 'The Heavenly Ways' in the Context of the Tradition of Turgenev”. The talk was about the topos of the “girl at needlework/girl with embroidery hoops” in the works of Turgenev and Shmelyov. In her report, Professor Melentieva for the first time pointed out a previously unnoticed (in the words of the speaker) element of “country estate literature” – embroidery hoops for needlework – and provided evidence for its featuring in texts by Turgenev (“Parasha”, “Bretyor”, “Faust”, “Rudin”, “Asia”, “A Nest of the Gentlefolk”) and Shmelyov (“The Heavenly Ways”).