медиевистический семинар

Medieval Studies Workshop

The Medieval Seminar of the Department of Romance Philology began its work in November 2012. Its impetus was the department’s participation in organizing the International Medieval Colloquium “A Memorial to Medieval Literature Through the Eyes of an Historian and Philologist: Approaches to Cooperation and Competition” in 2012 (September 2012, GIWL-PSTGU with the support of the Russian-French Foundation for Public and Humanitarian Relations, and the Swiss Embassy in Russia).

The seminar is held once a month; the theme of its meetings is the philological, historical, and art-historical aspects of the “long Middle Ages” in the concept of Jacques Le Goff, including in a comparative aspect. Teachers and students of the philological and historical departments of PSTGU, colleagues from the Lomonosov Moscow State University, and the University Higher School of Economics regularly participate as listeners in the seminar’s work, with students and teachers of the theological and pedagogical departments of PSTGU, and the staff of Moscow academic and cultural institutions (the Institute of General History of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Institute for Art Studies, Instituto Cervantes, and others) periodically participating.

Since November 2012, in addition to Russian researchers from the Gorky Institute of World Literature of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Institute of General History of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Higher School of Economics, the Institute for Slavic Studies, the Institute for Art Studies, the Russian State University for the Humanities, the Institute of the Science of Language of the Russian Academy of Sciences, and PSTGU, foreign colleagues from France, Great Britain, Switzerland, and Slovakia have presented their reports: tenured professor of Fribourg University Michele Bacci (May 2015), associate professor of Catholic University in Ružomberok Rosangela Libertini (September 2015), doctoral candidate of Warwick University Hovhannes Hakopyan (December 2014), and manager of the “Historical Anthropology of the Medieval West” laboratory of the High School of Social Studies and student of Jacques Le Goff Mari Ann Polo de Beaulieu (May 2014). Seminar materials (presentation transcripts, discussions, photo galleries) are published on the PSTGU site under “Medieval Studies” (“Медиевистика”), and in the academic journal “PSTGU Herald” (“Вестник ПСТГУ”) (philology series), in the “Chronicle” (“Хроника”) section. The university receives financial support from the Swiss Embassy in Russia for the organization of presentations of professors from Switzerland.

The organizer and moderator of the seminar is the deputy dean of the Philology Department K. A. Alexandrova.

See more (Russian): http://pstgu.ru/medievistika/medievsem/