русско немецкие конференции

Russian-German Conferences

Russian-German Conference

Every year, a theological conference is held between the Theological Department of St. Tikhon’s University and the Theological Department of Humboldt University of Berlin, dedicated to various aspects of Church life in the Protestant and Orthodox traditions.

Joint academic projects have been successfully realized for more than ten years already within the framework of the collaborative agreement between PSTGU and the Theological Department of Humboldt University, including regular student and teacher exchanges, but we can confidently say the most striking component is the joint student conferences, held in Berlin and in Moscow in turn.

A list of conferences:

  • Feb. 23—March 2, 2003: First conference: “Veneration of the Saints in the Orthodox and Evangelical Traditions” (Moscow)
  • June 21—27, 2004: Second conference: “Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition” (Berlin)
  • Feb. 21—26, 2006: Third conference: “Spirituality—Life in Christ” (Moscow)
  • June 22—28, 2008: Fourth conference: “Secularization—the Church’s Challenge?” (Berlin)
  • Feb. 17—23, 2010: Fifth conference: “What is Theology?” (Moscow)
  • June 24—July 1, 2012: Sixth conference: “Peculiarities of Liturgical Theology in Orthodox and Protestant Traditions” (Berlin)
  • Feb. 17—23, 2014: Seventh conference: “Holy places in Orthodoxy and Protestantism” (Moscow)
  • June 19–25, 2017: Eighth conference: "Word and image in the Orthodox and Protestant tradition” (ru)